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Fr equently  A sked  Q uestions What is  included in the Hire Price? The  hire price includes the cost of hiring the vehicle for the agreed period including fully  comprehensive  insuranc e and UK breakdown cover as standard . What do I need to hire a vehicle? You will need to  bring with you on the  date of hire or  call into our office prior to the hire  date  with  the following: Your  full  driving licence.  ( photo card licence ) T he  printout  from the DVLA website. ( See Below for details) A  U tility bill and  Bank statement  or 2 proofs of your current address  (this must be  dated  within 30 days of the  hire  date) confirming your current  home  and  driving licence address, A dditional drivers  must provide the same documentation as the principal driver including  a  DVLA  printout for each driver . You can pay cash for the hire, but the  D eposit must be on a credit/debit card. What  is the minimum age to hire a vehicle? Hire  Drivers and  additional Drivers must  be aged a minimum of  25 yrs and have held a fu ll  driving license for  at least  2 years C an I have an addition al driver? You  may add additional drivers  to your hire agreement  as long as they provide all the  relevant documentation as above There is a charge for the additional  drivers of £ 10.00  per day per driver. What vehicles am I entitled to drive with my licence? Category B vehicles up to and including Luton Box Vans, (maximum 3500kgs G VW). Category C1 vehicles up to and including 7.5 tonne trucks, (maximum 7500kgs GVW). Category D1 Minibuses up to a maximum 16 passenger seats. Category E This will be tagged to another category that permits you to tow. Can I  hire a vehicle if I have penalty points on my licence? All hire drivers  m ust have held a full/clean UK driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. The  Licence  mu st be clean and had no convictions or endorsements However w e  may accept licences with minor penalty points like speeding.  T his  will be at  t he discretion of our insurance provider and must be  declared in advance of the hire date . Please be aware that an additional charge may be applied depending on the number and  nature of the endorsements on your licence I do not hold a UK driving l icence, can I still hire? Y ou will need to bring your EU driving licence  showing your entitlements and your  passport  you also need 2 forms of documentation to show your temporary address whilst  staying in the UK. Will I need to fill up with fuel when I return the vehicle? All  our  vehicles  will have a full tank of fuel when hired to you. U pon returning the vehicle  i t is your responsibility  to ensure that the tank is full.  F ailure  to  do this will result in us re - filling the tank and charging  you  accordingly (the cost will be  deducted from your deposit) . Please note our fuel charges are  more than  loca l petrol  stations. Will the hire rate stay the same if I return the vehicle early? No refunds  will be given for  vehicles  returned  early or  for the late collection of a vehicle . When  will my deposit be returned ? Your deposit must be made with a  C redit/ D ebit card.  The deposit  amount  will be held  until  the vehicle is returned and checked for any additional damage or  low fuel costs . Once we  have done this  we will  refund your deposit ,  normally w ithin 3 working days depending on  your Banks procedures. The vehicle has broken down what should I do? If you breakdown please contact us  as soon as  possible on our Emergency Phone Number  and a member of staff will take all the necessary details and contact our recovery  service team on your behalf, or they will advise you of the best solution to resolve your problem. How do I obtain  my Licenc e printout from the DVLA ? Simply log on  free of charge  to - driving - licence H ere y ou can view  and share  your driving licence  information you will need the following : Your driver number (you can find t his on your photocard Licence ), N ational Insurance  Number,  and  postcode (this must  be the same as  the postcode on your driving licence). You will need to click the option to share your driving licence information, this will allow  you to generate a  onetime use check code,  and this code will only be valid for 21 days to  protect your information.  I f you have any problems  or  are unable to provide us with th e DVLA information our staff  will be able to do  th is on your behalf  at the cost of £5.00. Do you hire to couriers? Please contact  our  office for more details. Do you offer discounts for long term hires? Weekly , Monthly and Long Term Discounts  for Hire  vehicles are available . Please contact  our  office for more details.  DVLA  Licence check  Check your details Now